Crous Chemicals

Crous Chemicals

Properly #clean and #protect every surface

The original and number #1 for over 40 years

Crous Chemicals products clean surfaces efficiently and ecologically and consistently set new standards with their protective functions.
We have the right product for every surface.


natural stone

steel & aluminum







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Graffiti removal on protected surfaces

Our products reliably remove annoying stains on protected and unprotected surfaces. Graffiti on containers, trains or buses is easy to remove.

removed paint
befor cleaning paint

Seat covers in rail vehicles!

Contamination on textiles such as seat covers, upholstery or paneling is quickly removed with our handy indoor products. Remove chewing gum, edding, leftover food and paint from your furniture.

fabric after cleaning
fabric before cleaning

Building facades!

Buildings are constantly polluted by graffiti. With Crous products, you can clean your objects yourself. Perfect for facility companies. Of course, our service teams are also available for you.

Fassade vor dem reinigen

Glass renovation!

Scratches, burns and smudges on glass are annoying and significantly impair the visual appearance. With our special “Scratch-Free - Glass” process, we completely clean and remove even the deepest scratches.

Glas nach reinigung mit crous chemicals
Glas vor der Reinigung

Interior trim!

In order to work with cleaners in rooms, they must be environmentally friendly and easy to handle. Our products can be disposed of in conventional household waste and are still highly effective. Easy to use and suitable for any indoor application

Innenraumverkleidung nach dem säubern
Innenraumverkleidung vor dem säubern

Surface protection!

With our protection system, you get an outstanding increase in value. The application process is ten times cheaper than repainting, for example, and yet the surface looks like new.

Oberfläche nach versiegelung
Oberfläche vor Versiegelung


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