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Our contribution is value-adding surface treatment and maintenance

With Swiss quality in research and development of cleaning agents and new maintenance processes, Crous Chemicals creates innovations for maintaining the value of surfaces professionally.

Crous Chemicals, an agile, highly specialized Swiss company for modern value maintenance of surfaces, plays a leading and influential role in the cleaning of surfaces and in the maintenance of rail vehicles.

With a comprehensive range of Cleaners, surface processes and services Crous Chemicals is the provider from which customers can obtain the value of their vehicle fleet from a single source.

Yet Crous Chemicals products are unique of their kind: Each one aims to perfectly meet the specific application and to be optimally networked with neighboring areas. Crous stands out for individual customer advice and maximum customer proximity.

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Pioneer in graffiti cleaning.

The success story began in 1992. When Julian Crous founded the company in Switzerland in 1992, he had little more than the know-how from his parents' business in South Africa. Less than ten years later, he was able to move into his own new building in Fulenbach. Based on close cooperation with customers, Crous Chemicals develops cleaning agents that meet modern requirements and help maintain the value of important capital goods.

Since the beginning, the family business has specialized in anti-graffiti products that have won awards in the truest sense of the word — for example, with the “Oscar” at the inventors' fair in Geneva. The high-quality products have made a name for themselves more and more in the graffiti cleaning of rail vehicles and are used thousands of times a day in the rail sector.

Transformation to a service provider

The quality of the cleaning system quickly made a name for itself in the area of easy repair of rail vehicles. In addition to pure graffiti removal, there were more and more inquiries about basic cleaning, interior cleaning and other value-maintaining services. The proximity to customers and the diverse range of specialist staff now allows us to offer comprehensive services from a single source.